What to Expect at Your Free Consultation

We are located in the West Maui area.  Your appointment would be in an office in Napili Plaza Shopping Center, currently our retail store, Aloha Clean Pro Supply and cleaning service office, Dan Brown’s Condo Care.

Dan is available for an evening or weekend appointment.   Plan on a one hour visit if you would like to include a brain mapping session.

At that point, he would answer any questions you may have, go over your completed survey form, and discuss your concerns. Form is available on this website.

To determine the appropriate brain trainng protocol, we need a map of brain waves.

Brain mapping set up and clean up is about 20 minutes.  The data we collect is 5 one minute sessions with eyes closed and 5 one minute sessions with eye open.

This process covers 19 points and 760 aspects of brain functions.

Consultation Appointment is Free.  However, Initial Brain Mapping and Review of Findings is $200 (a $300 discount).  Review of Findings appointment must be at least 48 hours after mapping to process data, review with mentor, Dr. Jojo Yonce and determine training protocols.   If we proceed, we brain map again at mid-point ($500) and at the end to confirm the obvious ($500).

If we determine that brain training would benefit you greatly, then we would need to ensure success with the following:

(a) Permanent results occur after 30 sessions. 2 to 3 sessions a week is recommended.  no travel plans or breaks for more than one week during the first 15 sessions.  Total process would take a 10 to 15 week period (3 to 4 months).  Each training session is 30 minutes.  With set up time, total session averages 45 minutes to an hour.

(b) Not recommended to start trainings during medical issues, extensive medicines (depending on what kind), stressful lifestyle, relocating, relationships

Training Sessions are $125 each.  We are not in the business to accept payments when factors indicate otherwise.  We own two other businesses and would much rather spend time with our children than to take the time and money to do trainings but have it not work for them.  We are interested in helping make a difference but you must be a candidate that is willing to make lifestyle and diet changes if necessary.  We began this business to bring hope for change and improved quality of life.

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Email us at:  MauiBrainTraining@gmail.com

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