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Neurofeedback – A Safe, Drugless, Non-Invasive approach to symptoms related to:

ADD / ADHD, Memory Loss, Anxiety / Depression, Learning Challenges, Migraines / Headaches, Insomnia, Post-Stroke / TBI

What is Neurofeedback?

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About Dan Brown

Some of you have known me for over 30 years as I have built Dan Brown’s Condo Care with respect and integrity.  Then 7 years ago I opened our retail store, Aloha Clean Pro Supply which carries cleaning supplies and high quality grade essential oils.   For the last 10 years I have attended Orthomolecular Medicine Today conferences in Canada.  I am currently studying aromatherapy, the healing science of scented oils, through Bastyr University.  I’ve been interested in health and wellness my whole life. Having been raised by two doctors, I always had an innate curiosity for science and medicine.  My passion is to share my knowledge, help my family and encourage others to upgrade to all-natural solutions for an improved quality of life.img_6235

Dan Brown of Maui Brain Training does not diagnose or treat conditions or diseases.  He does not practice medicine.  He does utilize cutting edge technology, including a QEEG brain mapping system, to identify areas of dysregulated brainwave patterns, which could be associated with symptoms associated with ADD / ADHD, anxiety, depression, memory loss, learning challenges, etc.

Dan Brown and Dan’s mentor,   Dr. JoJo Yonce of Asheville Brain Training then uses this information from the Brain Map to develop a Neurofeedback protocol which helps to create more regulation in the identified brainwave patterns and areas of the brain which could benefit from enhanced regulation, thereby helping the brain to function better.

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